[Minecraft] While chatting I break the mountain #vtuber #minecraft

[Minecraft] While chatting I break the mountain #vtuber #minecraft
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It’s been a while, everybody.
Sorry for not streaming for so long.
The reason for this is that your comments have hurt me greatly.
To be honest, I am still very scared to stream alone. I may end the stream as soon as I see a nasty comment.
So please don’t say really horrible things.

Thank you for watching my stream!
Please subscribe my channel and thumbs up

[Chat rule] 1. Chat in English/Japanese.
2. Don’t say Caps.
3. No mentioning other streamers unless I mentions them.
4. No spamming/Trolling.
5. Keep on topic.
6.Don’t keep talking about irrelevant things.
7. Don’t include Politics and religious topics during the stream.
8. Enjoy the stream, respect others and be polite.

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While chatting I break the mountain #vtuber #minecraft”]