[Mira's Gameplay] MAIN LAGI AMPE JAGO – Valorant [Vtuber Indonesia]

[Mira's Gameplay] MAIN LAGI AMPE JAGO – Valorant [Vtuber Indonesia]
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【Peraturan Mira】
1. Bersikap ramah terhadap sesama viewers
2. Dilarang spam
3. Dilarang menyebutkan nama Content Creator yang tidak relevan saat stream
4. Dilarang Out of Topic saat stream
5. Tidak boleh ada serangan pribadi, pelecehan, seksisme, rasisme, dan ujaran kebencian dalam bentuk apapun
6. Selamat bersenang-senang dan nikmati livestream

[Mira’s Rules] 1. Please be nice to other viewers
2. Do not spam
3. Do not mention other Content Creator that is not relevant on stream
4. Do not Out of Topic on stream
5. No personal attacks, harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech on stream
6. Have fun and enjoy the stream

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MAIN LAGI AMPE JAGO – Valorant [Vtuber Indonesia]”]